Pre-Fabulous Possibilities

This isn’t your uncle’s mobile home anymore. Designers are re-examining the idea of prefabrication because in retail and restaurant industries, “time is money.” The faster buildings go up, the quicker a business can start producing revenue. Aries Building Systems has pre-used inventory that have pre-fabulous possibilities.


For seasonal businesses that run short on housing and need the extra space, prefabricated modular buildings can be retrofitted to be the extra residences that an employer needs. In places where tourism runs high in the summer months and low in the winter, this is a great option. Modular units can be placed temporarily until designs are approved, or they can be placed permanently.


Places in Colorado where seasonal and affordable housing is scarce, places like Ute are using modular housing for temporary workers.


Many businesses avoid modular because they are afraid the construction will be boxy and not match the exterior brand. With the help of the Aries design team, customization of a pre-used ‘pre-fabulous’ modular unit can help transform your ‘box’ into an aesthetically beautiful home that will be the envy of other businesses.


If you’re in the business of ‘fast food’ or ‘fast fashion’, then purchasing used modular inventory and customizing the building into what you need might be a better option than building from the ground up or leasing commercial space. When you lease commercial space, you are still responsible for common areas, repairs, maintenance, property taxes, and often have to sign a multi-year lease. The other problem that many ‘fast fashion’ retail or ‘fast food’ establishments run into is location and ‘retail death’.


Construction to deconstruction; with fast fashion becoming the new norm, retailers need to launch fast, test their products, and have a getaway plan for when their fashion is no longer needed. Modular is the hot possibility that is coming across retail: a fold-away store that can go up fast and be broken down just as quick while being able to reuse materials to save cost.


The idea is becoming so popular and common place, there are retail developers that help businesses specialize in this type of installation. Imagine customizing using YOUR colors, YOUR brand, your interior and exterior choices, and the entire building is already code compliant.


Many say modular and immediately think of flat-pack prefab units from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. Quite the opposite, Florida Power and Light Co. has used Category 5 modular buildings and is putting in seven more. When hurricanes hit, customers experience massive power outages and in Florida, FPL has invested a lot of money to be the strongest power grid in America: this means having a ‘high tech hub’ where contractors can ride out a storm and house a safer control center that will allow the lights to come back on faster after a storm.


Sustainability is the new buzzword, especially when it comes to helping the homeless. Modular has many purposes and features, but pre-fabricated construction has one great benefit: modular buildings can be built ANYWHERE in a short amount of time.


While modular construction IS faster, refurbished and preowned modular is almost 50%-70% faster and as a business, you get more quality space for your money. Large name brand stores are considering more customized modular as shoppers do more online and companies need less square footage space.


Many entrepreneurs are avoiding expensive start-up costs and moving into alternative methods of starting a business, often avoiding large bank loans.


Whatever your reason, Aries has pre-owned inventory that can perform to your wildest dreams. Whatever you imagine, let Aries and their design team help transform their pre-owned modular buildings into your next business adventure! Check out Aries’ Choosing Modular brochure for more ideas, or visit Aries company Advanced Modular Space and view the prefabricated inventory to see how Aries can fill your business needs!


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