Modular Buildings for Hurricane Harvey Relief: Aries is Here to Help


Hurricane Harvey has left a devastating wake on the gulf coast of Texas, relentlessly causing extensive property damage and displacing families from their homes. We are so proud of the strength, tenacity and brotherly love that Texans have shown throughout the crisis. Though relief efforts are plentiful, the road to reconstruction will be a long and hard one. That’s why Aries Building Systems is here to help with modular buildings for Hurricane Harvey relief.

Aries is ready to provide affordable modular buildings, classrooms, mobile offices, and other temporary building solutions to businesses and municipalities who will need temporary facilities. Aries has decades worth of experience in designing and manufacturing modular structures that may be customized to client specifications.

Those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey who are in need of emergency modular buildings may choose from the existing inventory of portable structures or request construction of a new building with custom design. Aries Building Systems can also provide emergency assistance on a larger scale, e.g., delivering a structure to serve as a temporary schoolhouse or medical facility.

Our modular construction facilities are located in Texas, as well as our stores of used modular inventory. Our strategic location allows for the quickest delivery possible from the time of your order.

Our existing modular inventory includes modular buildings ideal for education, government, assembly, office, or commercial purposes. These structures will be delivered immediately upon request.

Weather experts are forecasting another week of heavy rain and flooding. Aries Building Systems is here to help the affected communities to escape the final blows, and provide modular buildings for Hurricane Harvey relief.

Aries has a history of providing emergency modular buildings for victims of natural disasters, namely the devastating Canadian wildfire of May 2016, “The Beast.” With the experience and expertise of the Aries’ workforce, exceptional and fast service is guaranteed.

For more information, or quotes on how we can provide Hurricane Harvey Relief, contact Aries Building Systems at 877-721-4363.


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