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The dependability you need from the name you trust.

Because the Aries Building System is designed to complete projects in just half the time of traditional construction, modular construction is the pertinent choice for the demanding, time-sensitive facility needs of government agencies. Our off site manufacturing is devoid of the typical on site delays in building development  such as hazardous weather, which means a predictable on-time delivery date for rigorous government projects.

aries_flags_and_trucksCivil Applications

At Aries, we understand the rigid requirements and specifications that come along with building government facilities. Whether at a local, state, regional, or federal level, Aries offers our years of proven knowledge and experience to deliver you a quality, professional facility. Our dedicated and experienced team comprised of engineering, manufacturing, facility management professionals will work with you and your specific needs to ensure that your facility meets, if not exceeds, all of your requirements.

Military Applicationsbuilding_hallway

The inherent quality of project customization associated with modular building makes Aries Building Systems the ideal choice for the ever-changing needs of military agencies. From military headquarters to soldiers’ barracks, Aries will tailor any project to encompass the individual needs of any facility. And because our off site manufacturing strictly oversees all standard building codes and regulations, you can trust that your facility will be safe, efficient, and reliable.


Temporary or Permanent Government Facility Applications

Administrative/Support • Operations • Medical/Lab • Headquarters • Data Centers Training • Education • Military Barracks •Social Services • Parks and Recreation • Community Centers • Highway and Transportation •Police and Fire • Emergency Spaces