Housing Made Simple

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”


We at Aries believe that the simple things are the best things. We also believe that you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune for the simple things.

We all travel, work, stay away from home. There are enough headaches that come with these necessary tasks, and your accommodations shouldn’t be one of them; so we at Aries do our best to simplify every aspect of your stay with us.

We take care of everything from quick check-in and laundry services to delicious meals and comfortable accommodations. Many of our housing locations across Texas, North Dakota, and Oklahoma feature recreational facilities, cable and wifi, flat screen TVs, and more. So wherever you stay with us, you’ll find everything you need – and nothing you don’t.

At Aries Residence Suites, you won’t pay for 300 channels of endless commercials, fancy little soaps or a 24-hour waffle bar. We believe that a fair price means paying for your stay with no hidden costs or extravagant extras. No more complicated membership reward cards. No more hidden policies that end up charging you extra. No more mini fridges filled with twenty-dollar peanuts.

In a world full of chaos, it’s the simple things that make the difference. Whether you’re seeking workforce housing, temporary accommodations, a corporate retreat or just a good night’s sleep – Aries Residence Suites is the hassle-free choice for those who are tired of paying more for less.

Hot meals. Soft Beds. Clean rooms. Fair price. That’s the simple Aries way.


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