Three Environmental Benefits of Modular Building

Environmental Benefits of Modular Building

This year’s temperatures are a record high, completely smashing through records set by previous year, and Arctic sea ice has reached its lowest extent (tied only with 2007.) It’s evident that the global climate’s temperatures are trending upward, much to the fault of multiple industries. In fact, according to the United Nations Environment Programme, the building industry accounts for as much as one third of total global greenhouse gas emissions, primarily through the use of fossil fuels during their operational phase. Translation: the emissions created when a building is built traditionally are causing great harm to our environment.

Reliant Asset Management recognizes this, and we’d like to share with you three environmental benefits of our green building process for our modular buildings.

Reduction in Transportation Emissions
With traditional construction, large trucks and workers are constantly going back and forth from the construction site. It adds up- in the U.S, buildings account for 38 percent of carbon dioxide emissions, and as stated above, most of this comes from the construction phase. With the modular building process, all construction is done within a factory, eliminating a vast majority of these transportation emissions.

Less Material Waste
Many factors in the traditional construction process lead to material waste, such as worker oversight, design changes, poor material storage, and inclement weather. Because of our indoor building environment, we can keep a sharp eye on our construction, and can reduce the amount of construction waste that reaches landfills by 95% or more.

Modular buildings are designed from the ground up to not only be able to be deconstructed, but easily moved and reused depending on the need. Their reusability means less costly construction projects are needed. That’s right- you don’t just recycle glass bottles and plastics, you can also reuse modular buildings to achieve a smaller carbon footprint!

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