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Welcome to the first quarter of 2017. Perhaps you are a business that is contemplating expansion and in search of commercial space. Perhaps you are unsure of your schedule and financing, but you know that at the top of your list is how to have a customizable space on a tight budget.

And then the email comes across your desktop: custom modular units. In your mind, the thought of modular seems so…boxy. On one hand, the initial cost savings and time saved is a huge advantage. Not only is modular faster…but they are also more energy efficient. On the other hand, are the savings really worth sacrificing the beauty and customizability? And by going used, are you now sacrificing quality?

The short and quick answer? Aries Used Modular Building Inventory is cost-effective, efficient, and fast, but they are extremely and easily customizable.

As your business considers whether or not to expand or even relocate, the benefits to modular include the ability to relocate and adjust budget depending on usage. Aries also knows that the details matter: it isn’t enough to just have ‘a box’ where business is conducted. There are hundreds of floor plans to choose from, all flexible and at customer requests can be custom designed around your functional and aesthetical requests with cost in mind.

Just like any type of construction project; Aries spends time understanding your needs and work with architects and engineers to create the best possible solution to give you SPACE. We ensure all our projects meet the requirements of regulatory authorities.

Modular is currently being used in retail, commercial, hospitality, student housing, multi-family housing, military, and many other sectors where businesses are rethinking the time and budget involved in a traditional building process. As the economy shifts at a rapid pace, your business doesn’t have the time to think about how to budget for ten years on a traditional, site-built building that you have to find an end-use for. Buildings become aesthetically outdated, and you Class A building quickly falls into Class C space and your business is left thinking about what to do next.

With modular buildings, you no longer have to worry about those issues because they are relocatable, customizable, and as your business grows and changes, so can your modular units: they can grow, change, move, and more! Reduce the risk even more by opting to go with used inventory to speed up your return on investment.

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