Spotlight: Mike Bollero Sr

Bollero copyA true “salt of the earth” kind of guy, Mike Bollero, born in Elkhart, Indiana, is a self-proclaimed workaholic that has finally learned to stop and smell the roses. Most people with this type of grateful attitude didn’t acquire it because things came easy for them, and Mike is no exception. Mike Bollero Sr. is a self-made man.

Mike Sr. joined the RAM team in 2012 as the President of Aries Building Systems, LLC. His previous C-Level positions have lent him a vision for modular construction and manufacturing, which is the reason why he is Reliant’s Chief Operating Officer responsible for all manufacturing, sales, and operations for Aries and other RAM interests. In this position Mike is a force that needs to make things happen!

Mike brings over 40 years of industry experience to RAM.Before joining RAM, Mike was the president and CEO of Southern Modular Industries, a multi-plant manufacturer of commercial modular structures. His experiences at Resun Leasing, PortaKamp Mfg and Elder International have driven the turnkey modular solutions that Aries offers. Since he has been with RAM it has experienced upward success and financial growth.

With his industry experience it’s no surprise that Mike Sr. provides excellent leadership and is proud to be the ‘go to guy’ for commercial modular construction, long-term modular residence suites, man-camps, workforce housing, educational modular solutions, government installations, and more.

Bollero believes that Aries rises above and goes beyond the basic needs of customers and clients. Our business model does not include or require a lot of ‘insulatory’ layers of management, he expects his managers to have a passion for the business and to be as hands on as the company needs. Mike believes in encouraging all team members to practice ‘doing the right thing’. His favorite part about being a leader is working with genuinely good people that want to grow and succeed, and he enjoys being a mentor and watching the next generation of Managers grow. Mike also has been involved with the Modular Building Institute for many years and is a past President of the organization. He believes there is a responsibility to “pay forward” to an industry that has been good to so many of us.

Because the company is uniquely vertically integrated and has diverse but common product lines, he is confident that Aries will solidify its roles as an industry leader and continue its strong growth; remaining a unique and great company to work for.

Mike Sr. is learning to enjoy his work-life balance. It wasn’t always as balanced as it is today. He has learned through life experience not to take any day for granted. When he’s not at work you may find him on the links or on the water. You might also find him fishing on hanging out at a game with his so. His perfect day would be with friends and family, celebrating life.

Speaking of family, Mike Sr. isn’t the only “Bollero” at Aries. Mike Bollero Jr. joined the Aries Building Systems team in 2013 as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He is responsible for all sales and marketing functions of modular buildings and workforce housing solutions.

The father and son team have been working together for a number of years, and as with any family relationship, there moments when both ‘agree to disagree’ – and move on to the next task on the list. Both Bollero men share a deep respect for one another, which becomes apparent very quickly to those that have the opportunity to work alongside either of them.
When asked to describe his son in an email exchange, Mike Sr. responded, “a GOOD MAN” (note the all caps!) and feels blessed that his son is not only professional and knowledgeable about the industry, but he also brings the ‘next generation’ point of view. Mike Sr. also notes that his son is ethical and compassionate, and that with his extensive knowledge and experience in the modular market he has developed an in-depth knowledge of the industry and how to manage projects and develop business.

Bollero says if he wasn’t in the modular industry he would have been a structural engineer (makes sense!) or perhaps be an attorney, but is very happy he chose the modular industry and is part of Aries Building Systems.


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