1603, 2017

Modular Building Is the New Trend in Hospitality

Modular building is hitting the hospitality and tourism industry in a big way. In fact, if you've travelled anywhere in the United States in the past few years, chances are you've stayed in a hotel with modular elements! The trend is becoming so ubiquitous in the industry that it's often nearly impossible to discern [...]

1003, 2017

From Dream to Reality in No Time Flat: Modular Makes it Possible

As an entrepreneur, you know that every moment you spend preparing to do business would be better served actually doing business. No matter the industry in which you operate - whether it be retail, administrative, medical, or accommodations - reducing the time to occupancy is critical for the overall well-being of your business. In [...]

403, 2017

WATCH: Workforce Housing in North Dakota – Aries Style

Take a closer look at one of our man camps operated by our partner company, Aries Residence Suites, in Williston, North Dakota. Our workforce housing accommodations are a cut above the rest; featuring well-appointed cabins, recreation centers, community kitchens, and more. This video featuring The Aries Guy Trey will fill you in on all the [...]

2202, 2017

Pre-Fabulous Possibilities

This isn’t your uncle’s mobile home anymore. Designers are re-examining the idea of prefabrication because in retail and restaurant industries, “time is money.” The faster buildings go up, the quicker a business can start producing revenue. Aries Building Systems has pre-used inventory that have pre-fabulous possibilities.   For seasonal businesses that run short on housing [...]

1602, 2017

Company Spotlight: Advanced Modular Space

Most consumers today see the value in purchasing a previously-owned car, or a previously-owned house, or taking over the lease of a previously occupied commercial building. So why not apply that same financial savvy and business acumen to your commercial construction needs? Aries Buildings' sister company, Advanced Modular Space, offers an extensive used modular inventory [...]