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Environmentally Conscious Construction

Aries is committed to being the most “greenable” in the business by being the leader in eco-friendly building. Our off site manufacturing facilities combined with the reusability of modular units naturally result in cutting back on our environmental impact. By saving time and materials, we’re also saving energy – which is good for us, good for you, and good for the planet.

Aries good for environmentEnergy Efficiency

Because modular building is completed in half the time of standard on site construction, less energy is wasted during the building process. BIM technology used in module construction also assesses energy performance and ensures optimal energy efficiency.

Recyclable Capabilities

Individual modules can be disassembled and refurbished, then relocated to another site for reuse. This recyclable component of modular building reduces the need for raw materials and lowers the overall energy output of meeting new building needs.

Reduced Waste

Manufacturing modules in our indoor factory instead of on site eliminates unnecessary material waste in many ways. Recycling of used materials, inventory control, and indoor protection of materials from outdoor damage contribute to a reduced waste and therefore a smaller environmental footprint.

Site Conservation

Moving approximately 80% of modular construction from the site location to our controlled indoor manufacturing facility significantly lessens vehicular traffic, worksite waste, and hazardous outdoor conditions, resulting in minimized site disturbance. Indoor manufacturing eliminates visual, sound, and physical pollution while promoting conservation of the site.