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Why Modular?

In modular construction, buildings are constructed in a controlled, off-site factory under plant conditions, designed under the same codes and using the same materials as traditional buildings – but at a much faster pace. Instead of constructing one large structure from the ground up, the factory produces self-containing “modules” which are put together on site and render the original architecture, design elements, and specifications of the structure as a whole, without compromising the elegance and intricacy of traditional building methods.

Contemporary modular buildings are much more today than just provisional construction trailers and classroom portables. From deluxe workforce housing to educational networks to hospital and government facilities, modular construction is leading the way in providing accessible, affordable, and cutting-edge development for the modern world. Indoor manufacturing of modules ensures consistency of quality while eliminating the associated waste of damaged products subjected to outdoor construction. Off-site building also provides for more careful material management as well as regular inspection and testing protocols that safeguard against product inaccuracies.

Modular Construction: Cost effective – Environmentally friendly – Time savings up to 50% …why not?

Aries turnkey modular advantage construction time savings 50%
Standard construction schedule 100% Time budget

Not only is modular technology more practical and environmentally friendly than classical construction, but it is also faster and more efficient – saving you time and money. So the question isn’t why modular, but why not?


Constructed with the same codes, materials, and architectural utilities as conventional buildings, modular buildings meet all the standard expectations of traditional structures but possess added benefits. Flexible design options mean that modules can be easily added to preexisting structures or operate stand-alone, temporarily or permanently, with the ability to expand, change, or relocate over time. Off-site construction ensures durability and enhances safety and productivity, which means less worry for you.


Modular building is not only beneficial to your wallet and your time; it’s easy on the planet. Indoor manufacturing reduces unnecessary waste, saves energy, and lessens site pollution and disturbances. The reusable nature of building modules also lessens the need for new raw materials and promotes sustainability.


Building modular is inherently faster and more efficient than traditional construction methods. Factory processing instead of on site construction mean better quality control and individual building code inspection with the added benefit of schedule consistency. Off site manufacturing of modules also provides for simultaneous on site development, virtually cutting project completion time in half.