Aries Provides Temporary Campus After Flood

One of the coolest things about modular buildings is their ability “save the day”, or in the case of Richwood County Middle School, a whole school year.

Richwood County endured significant flooding in the summer of 2016; a large portion of the county’s educational infrastructure was destroyed. With the beginning of the fall semester right around the corner, a quick and practical solution was needed.

Aries Buildings Systems, LLC developed a building plan that would serve as a temporary campus serving many of the school’s needs, including a cafeteria, band room, administrative space, classroom and science and math lab.

The Richwood Middle School modular classroom project put the Aries team to the test. David Jones, Aries Buildings Systems Mid Atlantic Regional Manager, stated that the team was faced with “challenging topography that varied over 20’ in elevation, coupled with limited access points, and harsh wet weather.”

In the face of these challenges, Aries built and installed 8 new custom buildings, spread across several acres. Students and faculty did not have to skip a beat, as Aries had the temporary campus completely ready for activity by the scheduled first day of class.

The high quality of Aries modular buildings guarantees the utility of the campus for a minimum of four years. Developing plans for permanent solutions to the flood damage has potential to be a lengthy process. In consideration of this, Aries went the extra mile to provide additional parking lots, site lighting, security fencing etc.

While plans for more permanent solutions are developed, Richwood County may rest assured that students and faculty have a safe and spacious campus to attend.


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