Man Camp Housing 101

Man camp housing. Roughneck housing. Remote lodging. Sound like a summer camp for middle-aged men to you? We understand – and you’re not all wrong. Aries Building Systems is delivering some man camp 101 to fill in the cracks. With the oil field industry booming, oil extraction companies are left with a lot of workers needing a lot of onsite housing. This is where we come in. Aries is a leading provider of workforce housing for oil field camps full of hard-working guys looking for a home away from home. The housing that Aries Building Systems offers is comprehensive and includes man camp management and numerous amenities. Your average man camp comes stocked with spacious single or shared living quarters, laundry management, recreational facilities, a gym, and a top-notch kitchen serving up home-cooked meals every night. So, in a way, it’s not far off from a grown-up summer camp… if summer camp cleaned your sheets and provided flat screen TVs, that is.

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