Aries in Action: Making Modular Mainstream

Amtrak's Sunnyside Yard

As urbanization creeps up, so does the desire and need for modular. Aries Building Systems, a commercial designer, manufacturer, and financing partner in the modular construction industry, has taken on New York as growth and demand create a need for immediate construction results.

Amtrak’s Sunnyside Yard on Long Island couldn’t afford the time and process of traditional construction, so they contracted Aries Build Systems to update and modernize their buildings. Locker rooms and office space on site that are used by Amtrak management and maintenance are being built and upgraded.

Aries Building Systems has shown the world that modular construction can be anything you need it to be…as simple or complex as traditional construction, but faster, greener, and most of the time cheaper.

As cities like New York get bigger and land gets more expensive and scarce, modular building is becoming more mainstream with the help of ABS.

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