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At some point in the life of every business there is a moment of potential growth that surpasses The amount of capital that the business possesses. As the owner and the partners gather their information, they begin to inspect their cash flow, loan terms, and take a deep breath as they contemplate the next loan they need to move forward.

The truth is, commercial lending is experience a money hangover, as banks try to pacify a once aggressive and unregulated area.

What does this all mean for commercial real estate development?

As banks become more conservative with loans, more construction lending is leaning to the private market Companies like Reliant Asset Management (RAM) are becoming more of a leader in commercial real estate development as more businesses seek private financing, custom, turn-key solutions, and fast, green, modular building.

Aries Building Systems is the construction and finance partner that commercial real estate developers have been looking for. Aries Building Systems has a wide range of applications not only within the United States, but across Canada as well.

As the mezzanine market picks up the slack where commercial real estate underwriters are running for cover, Aries Building Systems is coming to the rescue. Not only are RAM and their Advanced Modular Space options fast, but they rival conventional and traditional construction methods in terms of design and aesthetic. Not only can Advanced Modular Space custom create your modular project, they also have access to used modular projects, and can offer developers access to capital and financing options. Aries has a dedicated and experienced team of individuals comprised of engineering, manufacturing, and facility management, to work with specific needs and exceed requirements at a local, state, and federal level.

Gone are the days of ‘mobile’ looking structures. Modular is now being used to develop massive power centers. In fact, modular construction is being used heavily to build multifamily structures, hospitality units, senior housing facilities, mixed-use centers, and RAM is your financing solution for your future CRE projects!

Check out Google’s plan for their Silicon Valley Campus, using all modular building construction.

As we all become more technologically advanced, real estate and development is not exempt, and Aries Building Systems is at the forefront of modular building solutions. As we all create change in how we use space, location, and demand (in terms of time), RAM offers and assists commercial real estate investors to develop using their custom modular systems.

What’s even better? Expect to see these advances happen FAST in Houston, Austin, San Francisco, Denver, and Dallas/Fort Worth as space gets small, construction alternatives are sought, and the price of real estate is inexpensive to develop (for now).

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