The Story of RAM: How Reliant’s Past Spells Success for Your Future

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Founded in 2010 by brothers and business partners Michael and Barry Roman, Reliant Asset Management is the culmination of over thirty years hard work, perseverance, and experience in the modular construction industry. Building off of the success of their previous modular construction financing company Resun leasing, Inc., the Roman brothers initially created RAM to provide modular buildings and workforce housing for an array of professional needs. In the recent past, they have expanded the company’s reach by acquiring a number of subsidiaries – including Class Leasing Inc. which serves the education sector in California.

“The future of the RAM family of companies is extremely bright.” explains co-founder and Vice President Michael Roman. “The education and commercial sectors are strong. RAM is rapidly moving from a third party finance company to a powerhouse lease originator and remarketer. We are redeploying assets returned from initial operating leases and realizing very solid values.” Indeed, RAM’s push into newer sectors including education and leasing has allowed to company to adapt and thrive, even during tumultuous economic conditions.

Roman goes on to say that, “we are focusing on systems development and refining work processes and procedures so that when energy does come back, and it will, we will be positioned to capitalize on the next phase of hyper-growth.” While oil and energy may not be having the best year, you can rest assured that Reliant Asset Management is in the best possible position to capitalize on the industry’s inevitable bounce-back. In the meantime, RAM’s rapidly diversifying portfolio shows strong returns for this relatively young company.

“The success of the RAM companies is the direct result of the collective efforts of a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals working toward a common goal.” With RAM on your team, it’s hard to see your future as anything but bright.


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