The Fight for Williston Man Camps Continues

Tensions continue to rise in Williston, ND as the fight to maintain man camp residency in the area wages on. As the city tries to push man camp housing out of the area, concerns grow that oilfield housing will not be affordable for workers, temporary housing will revert to back to unsafe camper cities, and a loss will be seen in the quality of living for man camp dwellers.

Workers of the Bakken oilfield are concerned about the possibility of having to choose between a motel or an apartment. Man camp residents aren’t generally interested in the kind of permanent residency associated with apartment leasing, and motels don’t offer the temporary housing amenities like Aries Residence Suites and other leading man camp companies do.

Amenities like hot meals, room cleaning, and laundry services are the standard that many workforce residents have come to expect; amenities which Aries proudly offers at most locations. Aries also offers communal areas, indoor gym facilities, basketball courts, pool tables, and more – none of which are generally offered at motels and other local spots.

Our hope is that temporary workers in the Williston area will be able to find the comforts of home at Aries man camps for a long time to come. Because after a long day in the field, a hot meal and a fresh bed mean a lot more than you’d think.

“The rotational workforce has been around for decades and decades, and Williston is not going to change that. They’d be better off trying to figure out how to capitalize on the rotational workforce than to try to change them into permanent residents,” said one owner of a modular housing company.

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