Employee Spotlight – Farokh Ram

For those that put stock in anagrams, it’s hard to not notice the irony of a man named Farokh Ram holding the position of RAM’s General Manager and “obstacle remover and lead everything-er” at Reliant Asset Management. His duties at RAM cover a wide array of responsibilities: Remarketing, lease initiation and maintenance, customer relations, 3rd party dealer relations, and the management of company-wide government contracts and the portfolios of 3rd party leased assets, business development and capture. In other words, he’s a very busy man.


Prior to coming onboard with RAM 4 years back, Farokh’s primary focus was real estate and property management. In fact, he still retains his real estate license and practices on the side. (How much do you want to bet that this is a man that needs very little sleep?!) Before his real estate career, Farokh worked with Resun Leasing. If you know your RAM history, Resun Leasing was one of the earlier iterations of the company – RAM/ABS/AMSI – also founded by Barry and Mike Roman. This was when his pilgrimage into the modular building industry began, in 1998 alongside the Roman brothers way-back-when. And before this? Take a wild guess. Never mind, you’ll never guess: he ran his own business for over a decade involving the import, distribution, wholesale, and retail of cut flowers and ornamental plants in the Washington DC area. One can quickly come to realize that Farokh is a person that fully commits to life, and all it has to offer.


When asked, “When you’re not at work, what would we find you doing?” Ram’s response was, “I love to travel, although I don’t do nearly enough of it. I like going out and walking, milling about in and around Washington DC, discover new neighborhoods, buildings, points of interest, stopping in at restaurants and bars and test driving, and generally canvassing areas. I can do this alone, or with my wife, or daughters, or dog, or a friend or two, or any combination thereof. On any given weekend, I can be expected to spend a fair number of hours shopping for and preparing meals at home. I also keep up with my real estate interests to the extent possible.”


And his perfect day? “A perfect day would be away from home, perhaps on vacation, in a new place where I have spent a few days already and gotten to know the neighborhood. Family and friends would be along with me and staying at a nice rented house. I would get up early and go to the market and buy all the ingredients for a nice supper meal. Come home and put away the purchases and meet up with all the rest of the company as they wake up and get going, have breakfast, and set about the plans for the day which would preferably include a trip to a very cool beach. Come back in the late afternoon, clean up and set about preparing the evening meal with the help of others in the company, put out a nice spread and enjoy a wonderful dinner with family and friends, in a relaxed and positive energy frame of mind.” (Is it me, or can you foresee Farokh opening a Bed & Breakfast someday?)


And now we know why Farokh Ram brings a certain “X factor” to the family of Aries companies. He understands independence, accountability, creativity, and balance. These are also the very things that he appreciates about working with Aries/RAM. “The latitude and trust afforded top down to the employees, and an entrepreneurial culture of work and expertise that is at first glance unassuming, yet brings out the best in everyone. A spirit of cooperation, receptivity, and responsiveness. An attitude that says “….yes, that is possible.” Yes, Farokh Ram. The future is bright for Reliant Asset Management and the Aries team. The world IS your oyster.


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