How to Choose a Modular Building Manufacturer

how to choose a modular building manufacturer

So, you’ve decided to go modular. You are likely aware of the multitude of benefits that modular buildings offer (environmental friendliness, versatility, ability to relocate, etc.), but may feel less informed on how to choose the best modular building manufacturer. Just like when purchasing any other product or service, there are a few key factors to consider that will lead you to the best bang for your buck.

Building Quality and Versatility ✔

Start by browsing a potential manufacturer’s existing inventory to get a feel for available modular building designs and dimensions. A company with an expansive inventory may have just what you need, in which case you will be united with your new modular building in half the time.

A large, versatile inventory is a good sign, indicating the skill level and adaptability of the manufacturer. If a design that meets your unique needs is not available, the manufacturer should be able to work with you to develop a custom design.

It is also helpful to check out what interior features your potential manufacturer offers. If you need your modular building to “keep up with the times” with modern ventilation systems and technological features, there are manufacturers capable of meeting these needs. Computer facilities, security and video conferencing systems are just a few of the impressive features offered by top manufacturers.

Time-efficient construction methods ✔

While construction of modular buildings generally saves time compared to conventional construction, you can save even more time by choosing a manufacturer that employs alternative construction methods. This involves preparing the land to become a foundation for installation while building is in progress. This simultaneous workflow results in serious time-savings and accelerated delivery.

Cost Savings ✔

Of course, affordability is an important item on the checklist. While you are already saving money by going the modular route, you can save even more money by choosing a manufacturer that offers financing options. While gathering info on a potential manufacturer, make sure to explore the financing options. Don’t settle for less. Find one that is willing to work with you to develop a financing package for whatever suits your needs; renting, renting-to-own, etc.

Another good point of reference that can clue you in on a manufacturer’s cost efficiency is whether the company specializes in “turnkey” project completion. If yes, this means the design, manufacture, engineering, transportation and installation are all handled by the one company. No outsourcing is needed. For you this means significant cost and time savings.

Another advantage of project completion under one roof is improved quality control. One location, one experienced team, one point of contact to remember. It is easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

Maintenance ✔

A very important consideration when choosing a modular building manufacturer is whether the manufacturer has a site location permit. These permits allow the manufacturer to manage continued maintenance of the building and utilities, as needed. It makes much more sense for the experts that built the product to keep it in check, rather than hiring an outside source.

These key considerations can assist you in weeding through your options. A good starting point is Aries Building Systems, a manufacturer with a turnkey advantage and a lot of experience. Aries can be contacted at 888-995-0284 or


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