Beyond Modular: Aries Supports Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

Aries Oilmen of East TexasThe Oilmen of East Texas Purchaser Group is a registered non-profit organization for the purpose of supporting local youth involved in organizations such as Future Farmers of America and 4-H Clubs throughout the East Texas Area. The group hosts events such as an annual sporting clay’s tournament, golf tournaments and has also benefited from private donations. The group was founded by three individuals who have worked their entire careers in the Oil and Gas industry, but each benefiting from involvement in FFA/4H during their childhood. Both of these organizations do an outstanding job in developing young people in areas of responsibility, leadership skills and most of all, just some good ole’ hard work. We believe these lessons build characteristics that transform our youth into men and women of character, who will be outstanding leaders in the future.

We support these organizations and families primarily through youth auctions held in conjunction with county livestock shows. The kids raise their animal projects, caring for them daily, eventually competing at livestock shows either on a local area or through one of the State Wide shows such as the Texas State Fair, Fort Worth Livestock Show or the Houston Livestock Show. We participate in the livestock shows by buying their projects through the auctions as well as donating to various scholarship funds.

We would like to thank our many volunteers who donate your time and money to support our efforts and most of all the supporters who continue to participate in our fundraising activities. Through your generous donations, we are building outstanding leaders for tomorrow!

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