Aries Breaks Ground On Watford City Expansion

Workforce Housing - Watford City Expansion

Aries Building Systems has initiated their first major expansion project since their proprietor, Reliant Asset Management, was ranked 3rd fastest growing U.S. private company by Inc. Magazine. Today, Reliant owns and leases 5,000 modular buildings across 43 states, as well Alberta and Ontario, Canada.  The Watford City expansion will include 18 affordable 3-bed/3-bath single family homes targeted for occupancy in Spring 2015.
Once upon a time, Watford City, North Dakota was a small sleepy town with prarie hiking trails and scenic mountain views. Not much has changed in Watford City’s welcoming personality, except for the call for instant expansion due to a permanent oil boom. Over the last 50 years, Watford City has seen it’s share of ups and downs in this respect. However, in 2014 geologists agree that this boom will last. Currently only about 6% of the shale oil is being extracted – enough for 30 years. Unlike past “booms,” this drilling involves new technology and is projected to have a 99% success rate. This means great things for this humble town, and Aries Building Systems is delighted to be a part of Watford City’s growth. “These new homes will come both furnished and unfurnished; single family 3-bed/3-bath residences where children are welcome.” says Executive Vice President of RAM, Peter Eberle. “They will include executive finishes and other touches that are specific to the Aries Building Systems high level of quality.”
This affordable single-family development will be located near the new I-85 Bypass, which is the “connection center” of Watford City’s ambitious infrastructure improvement program. Watford City, North Dakota is moving forward indeed. And Aries Building Systems is proud to be a part of the renaissance.
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