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Design the building that’s right for you.

Whether you’re expanding, remodeling, or building for the first time, Aries Building Systems has the design capabilities to suit your unique needs. W offer a wide variety of exterior and interior design options and are always seeking to expand our capabilities through integrated custom design. Here are just a few of the design options we specialize in: Greater Design Opportunities

Technological Featuresmudlogger_technology

From high-tech classrooms to mudlogging units fully equipped with data analysis technology, Aries offers a wide range of technological features including:
• Wired and/or wireless classrooms
• Computer facilities
• Mudlogging technology
• Security Systems
• Video conferencing systems


Aries is the leader in comfortable, all-inclusive modular housing. Our long list of available amenities includes:
• On-site laundry facilities
• Fully equipped kitchens
• On-site 24/7 security
• Recreational facilities
• Indoor gyms
• Much more

Interior Features

We offer several interior design choices so you can customize your facility to meet your design and functional requirements. Some of our features include:
• Central HVAC System
• Hardwood Floors
• Energy efficient construction

Durability Componentsmodule_on_grass

Out on the oil field or back at the man camp, we at Aries understand the value in building the toughest, most durable facilities to meet your rigorous needs. Our construction design options include:
• Heavy duty, all-steel skid frames and units
• One piece, heavy duty all steel doors
• Blast-resistant buildings