5 Best Resources for Modular Building News

The modular industry is constantly growing and evolving, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of the latest trends. Luckily, we’ve compiled some of the best online resources for modular building news for you.



Modular.org is the homepage for the Modular Building Institute, a non-profit trade association self-proclaimed as “the Voice of Commercial Modular Construction ™.” Under the site’s news tab, readers find a wealth of information about the growth of the modular industry, including past and future business trends.

Issues of the MBI’s quarterly magazine are free to read under the news tab, as well. These publications dive into some interesting content, including juicy facts about the science of modular buildings and interesting new modular applications (think modular elevators!).

The News tab also features a discussion forum where thoughts and questions about modular industry are freely shared.



Aries Building Systems’ website has its own news tab, as well, complete with videos, press releases, and a blog series–all about, you guessed it, modular buildings.

The Aries blog provides both helpful and interesting information. Discover news about which industries are embracing the modular movement, with real-life examples. Read about how modular buildings are useful in combating societal and environmental issues like homelessness, storm recovery, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

If you find modular buildings and their growth fascinating, be sure to check out Aries blogs about the past and future of the industry. If you only recently hopped aboard the modular bandwagon or are simply in need of advice on purchasing a modular product, Aries has plenty of informative articles about the basics of modular buildings, their application, and the process of choosing a building manufacturer.



This site is a paradise for construction and home market geeks, providing new information on building designs, market trends, and even business strategy. A simple search for “modular” or “modular buildings” will bring you to the archives of modular building news.

Here you will find exciting updates about modular companies making waves in the industry and market trends of the modular industry, specifically. The site also provides details about how exactly modular construction saves time and money.



As the name implies, this site is modular-specific, shedding lots of light on why modular buildings are unique, their various applications, the exciting history and future of modular homes, and helpful tips for consumers.

Modular Today also provides tips on the process of purchasing a modular building and its accompanying lot/land. The site also offers fun articles that offer suggestions about decorating and making a modular home feel like home.

This site’s wealth of modular knowledge can be found by selecting the “general” tab and “article knowledge base.”



This site is full to the brim with the latest and greatest news surrounding the construction industry. Construction Dive gives due diligence to the modular facet of the industry, covering stories about big company moves and modular trade shows.

Construction Dive also provides interesting articles about some ins and outs of the modular world, like “how prefab products get from offsite to onsite.” A quick search for “modular” will bring you to pages of information about modular industry news and fun facts.

Happy reading!

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