It’s 2016: Is a Man Camp Better Than a Hotel?

Once upon a time, there were “man camps” – in their purest form; closed camps that were built or rented entirely by one customer or company. Most of the time the man camp is associated with oil field housing, often a grouping of modular housing that’s sole purpose was to cater to a specific workforce (usually oil workers.)

So what’s going on now that the latest oil boom is behind us? How come, when on my way to see my family out on the countryside, I pass by billboards that read “High Quality Workforce Housing and Extended Stay Accommodations – Open to The Public” – what is this? Really? Have Man Camps turned into hotels?!

 Picture2The answer: Yes… and no. A basic accommodation at a man camp is essentially a studio apartment. Because these modular spaces were often originally intended to host an individual for a longer period of time, they were constructed to cater to your every need. For example, at Aries Residence Suites, a standard accommodation includes full kitchens, WiFi, and housekeeping for every single unit. Beyond this, many of Aries’ extended stay locations include a host of other amenities, such as satellite television, recreational facilities, cafeterias, 24-hour onsite management (concierge, if you will!) – and other thoughtful additions like top-notch mattresses and executive meeting rooms.

The bottom line. The landscape is changing. As quality workforce housing is no longer in high demand, “Joe Public” gets to reap the benefits. Instead of checking IN to a hotel for an evening, maybe you’d like to check OUT one of Aries Residence Suite’s accommodations. You may just find yourself enjoying the extended studio-style space at an especially satisfying savings!


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